Point Query Properties

General Properties | Drawing Style

The Point Query Properties dialog is used to display and edit properties of a point query layer. It can be launched by right clicking on the desired point query layer in the Layer Manipulation Dialog.


Layer: view, and modify the layer name. This name is also displayed in the Layer Manipulation dialog.

Visibility: Make this layer visible, or invisible. The same thing can be accomplished with the eye icon on the Layer Manipulation dialog.

Editable: Toggle whether this layer can be edited or not using the various vector editing tools.

Drawing Style

Color: Set the color used to draw the points, and text for the point query layer.

Point Size: Set the size of the point symbol (in screen pixels).

Coordinate: Select coordinate display option for point query points.

  1. Off: Disable display of point coordinates.
  2. Raster Pixel/Line: Display pixel/line (row/column) locations on the top raster layer under this location.
  3. Georeferenced: Show georeferenced coordinates in the georeferencing system of the view.
  4. Geodetic (lat/long): Show coordinates reproject into latitude and longitude.

Pixel Value: Select whether raster pixel values from the top most raster layer under the point should be displayed (On) or not (Off).